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Feb. 10th, 2008 @ 09:47 am CONTENT!

Name's Chazz, been ridin since I was like, nine, started racin when I turned 14.

Bikes i've owned in my racing career:

2 Honda 400ex's (One was for spare parts)

2000 model
DG nerfs, DG bumper, HMF full exhaust, K&N intake, wiseco 440 kit, hotcam stage 1, CRF440 timing chain, TAG X-5 handlebars

Good lord this thing never broke, <3'ed my Honda

Then the 450's started comin out and I was.. gettin smoked, bad haha, so I went and picked up a,

2004 Yamaha YFZ450
K&N intake, TAG x-2 bars, trailtech clamps, full Duncan Fat Boy 4 exhaust (103db's!), AC nerfs, Holeshot MXR-4's.
Then I eventually threw on a WR kit and a fresh top end, makin it a true 450 later on in the season.

atvmx.com is bein retarded so I can't do an embed, here's the link to it:

Sandhills MX

So, right now I'm quadless, for the first time in.. ever. Sold it at the end of 2006 to go to college and doin the full time student thing. I'm savin, like crazy, for a new bike. Should have another one by the end of the year! This time though.. I'm gettin another honda =]

Also, I made a group for MX furs, come and join, bikes and quads welcome!

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